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Orlando is full of amazing makers, chefs, thought-leaders, yogis & local experts. We’re calling on all of you mavens to come share your hard-earned knowledge with our community. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just expert enough, you’ve got a story to share, techniques to pass on & wisdom to impart that will educate & inspire the next generation of tinkerers, visionaries, green-thumbs & doers.

We’d love East End to be a platform where you can delight, inspire & empower others in our community to try a new trade, master a craft, perfect a recipe, get bendy or see the world in a new light.

Please let us know a little bit about you, your passion, your expertise, your tribe & how you could leverage East End to grow your brand while igniting our community.

Fill out the form below & pitch us on a workshop idea & let’s partner to bring that vision to fruition.

NOTE: Application does not ensure you’ll be asked to teach. We curate our teachers & programming & you might not be the right fit, it might not be the right season or we may already have someone teaching in your niche. However, applying does ensure that we know what you are up to & can circle back when the time is right, we have a gap in your niche or just because the stars aligned. Good luck!

    (room capacities are dependent on the type of event)*